Hey People, have I got news for you! You all think, "hehehe, this guys nuts for not havin rules. Hehehehehehe....." DEAD WRONG!!!! There are rules on this wiki... AND YOU WILL FOLLOW THEM!!!!

Top Five

  1. No all caps. (Admins only)
  2. No Cussing (If anyone cusses, they will recieve a warning. 2nd time, A Ban!)
  3. No Vandalism (anyone does, BAN TIME!!!!!!)
  4. No Spammin (some admins alowed)
  5. NO DRUGS (Only in the series)

  1. No making out (dont show artwork of it at least)
  2. Since this is a fan made wiki, we are currently asking that please, put your art in the fan art category, since I dont really know your fan made stuff well. Also, Please put your fan made stuff in a userspace as well.
  3. No Religious Insults. (1st time and all times:BAN!!!)

These are all my rules. If anyone breaks and/or does not follow them.... GRAVE CONCENQUENCES!!!!!! Now if you do follow them...... HAPPINESS!!!! Everyone will be happy if you follow them.